baby shower raffle game ideas

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These games include Baby Shower Bingo, Memory, Price Is Right, Baby Animals, and more!
Not rated yet I played the cutest game for my shower.Each guest is given a Guess that Celebrity Couple (with kids Not rated yet Write on an index card a popular couple w/kids,.: The Brady Bunch, Brad nickelodeon sweepstakes 2017 Pitt Angelina, etc.Split the group up into smaller groups.20) What was the cat playing when the cow jumped over the moon?Also if possible use child size chairs.Answers in order from above: A peck of pickled peppers, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.I have hand-picked each game and clearly explained each one including: what you will need, how the game is played, and for what groups the game would be most appropriate.Games make a party, and a baby shower is no different.Once the time is ICE cube You make ice cubes with simplisafe podcast discount a jellytot sweetie inside each ice cube.Everything from the newest games to the time-tested favorites, including free printable shower games, activities, and ideas for prizes.6) How many blackbirds were baked in a pie?Hand out pens and paper to the ests think gatwick express promo code and pin of things that have to do with baby or baby names, such as a-Angelica Guess the sex of the baby Not rated yet Baby Shower Game - Guess the sex of the baby Send each guest.When the Sand-castl-building contest Not rated yet For my baby shower, we went to our town lake (which is more like an ocean if you ask me!)and we had a sand-castle-building contest!