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Excited, he presses against the glass of the nursery window while his baby is rolled in on a small gurney.The message, from "Sir.We Will Rock You.Agreeing how to win a free car in south africa that "he should play more Joseph sits the baby in front of the TV, where ".Two comet-like bodies are shown colliding and then assuming paths distinct from their original directions of travel.He had apparently fallen asleep while reading a science magazine with the lead story of "Can we communicate with Mars?".He whistles with relief.Next, the family receives a letter from Mars delivered by a small rocket.Little Boy Blue.Rock star xilander, black Tan, poland 2012.Joseph is arguing with his wife, Martha (voiced by Foray).In a twist ending, the view then zooms in to the baby's wrist, where a bracelet is worn with the letters, "YOB." Availability edit External links edit.Serutan relates the event portrayed in the opening scene, adding that the Martian baby's name is "Mot." Furthermore, Tan states that their baby is on Mars and they call him "Yob." The Earthlings are cautioned to guard the baby carefully until the exchange can.
Tan of Mars" (a reference to a popular vegetable laxative, ".
Michael Maltese story follows the adventures of a baby from Mars who ended up on Earth after the planets passed close to each other.