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11/7/17 z and t It's like google has translated swahili into urdu into english.
4/29/15 This scammer is prolific.Don't be robbed by this petty crook.How to Get Free Stuff on Wish Android App?This is a double bad-edged sword.Issue 2 - you are getting something probably bad, back to your email address.9/6/15 This scammer only has one design, he just keeps changing the name.(god that is a dumb thing to write - I need a break!) 2/22/17 m This is one of those toys that is broken when you buy.Don't go near this scheme if you value your Btc.First whatever you deposit, then they try to get you to pay 'Tax' to withdraw - of course they'll keep that as well.8/2/17 This is a great example of a fake store, see how many warning signs (Red Flags) you can amazon promo code 2015 jewelry see just with the landing page.Code can be used in android as well as in iOS apps.Like every oracle exam promo code transit - the wheels will eventually fall off.Org This is a scam disguised as mining.I suppose Bitcoinscamclub doesn't have the same ring.9/16/14 m or Airbit Club Well known dodgy origins for this ponzi fraud.8/29/17 z Just put the word bit in front of any word, and you have a hyip title.Go, play it right now!Don't expect anything in return - after all, you did 'donate'.2/23/16 m Helicopters have rotors, bitcoin miners don't.Stay clear of these serial crooks.