english chimney sweep urban dictionary

Go sweep some chocolate chimneys you fudge packing ass bandit." by, andy M, december 04, 2003.
April 04, 2009, chimney Sweeper unknown, the sexual act of vaping in a female's cock sock, and proceeding to fuck it immediately after, resulting in clouds coming out of her pussy, looking like you are sweeping a chimney with your cock.The exchange of monies is not always necessary.Then I'll hover over your puckered poo packer and plunge both of my not-so-recently shaven jizz tanks past the event horizon of your turd socket.It is called the Russian Chimney Sweep, because it's origin is in Russia, and the asswhole is being cleaned out, like a chimney.John - yes, jane, yes, i am" #the dick vandyke #bottle brush #desert storm #mary poppinstuffer #spoonful of ball sugar #taint toucher.0 #cousin larry appleton #vacaville handshake #stuffed scrotum sack in anus joke #4 by, extra Normal.Quit playing games and tell.".dude how come you couldn't hang out last night?" "Man I've been gettin the poop dick from my girlfriend every time we do anal, so I had to stay at the house and give her a good chimney sweeping." "Oh, sweet." by generalneedles, january.The Chimney Sweeper is where you take off your sweatpants, lay on your back, then roll your knees back until they touch your shoulders.Jane - "What's that?Guy: Let's get cleaning.Jane - "No John, really?Then, put a sock disney store discount code december 2014 over your hand and vigorously fist her in the anus." Bro, did you hear what Todd did last night?" "Yeah bro, I heard he became a chimney sweeper with linda!" #vape #sex #chimney #cock sock by hugh jboner February 26, 2017.Chick: Want to do the Russian Chimney Sweep?This is usually executed using an industrial strength pipe cleaners (these can be found at your local, superWalmart).The term is derived from the chocolate colour of the "chimney" shut up, steve, you chocolate chimney sweep." or ".And your orgasm will be as glorious as a fine winters day in Milwaukee.Top definition, chimney Sweeping sex, when a heavy smoker deep throats a penis, and afterwards the penis is covered in black tar, mimicking the act of cleaning a chimney.