how can i track my metro pcs rebate

MetroGuard sounds a loud alarm through the phone's speaker if you think you lost the phone nearby.
Delivery, monday - Thursday 8:00 PM Eastern, next Business Day, friday 8:00 PM Eastern.Click "Locate Phone" again to confirm.An additional convenience is the Metro Navigator GPS plan that will keep you from getting lost and is available on most of their phones.Losing your MetroPCS cellphone contest day diet bikini is an upsetting experience, especially when you don't know where to start looking for.Claims completed and approved follow the schedule below: Day of the Week, claim Completed and Approved.Step, pink free underwear coupon launch the application on your phone by going to the menu and selecting "Metro Navigator GPS." Once it is open, the GPS will give you an audible turn-by-turn navigation to your desired destination.The map shows you the exact street address where you can find the phone.If you can't track down the phone this way, MetroGuard shows you the phone's location on a map.Follow the alarm to find your lost phone.Step, go to the MetroPCS website and sign up for one of their rate plans.This could be a clue as to who the person calling you is, based on where they bought the cell phone and where they may actually be calling you from.Step, click "Locate Phone" on the Metro Total Protection site if you can't find the phone using the alarm.It all depends on how much information you want to gather, how much money you want to spend and why you want this information.
Step, download the Metro Navigator GPS application to your phone by going to to the Metro Mobile Shop Select "Catalog" and choose "Connected Folder" then select "Metro Navigator.".
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