how successful is a second membrane sweep

I pys com coupon code would say there is no harm in trying it but hun remember this is your body if you dont want to be induced just refuse it but then you have to be prepared for more waiting.
I woke up this morning very teary, worn out, fed up as I have been having those very annoying Braxton Hicks for the last week now, and plum paper coupon code august 2015 its happening at night, any time of the day really which is making me lays chips contest winner 2013 canada tired and even more.
I didn't find it painful, though it wasn't comfortable, but I was already 2cm dilated so I guess things were already edging towards labour.I was 40 3 when i had a sweep but it was only because the consultant examined me and said i was 2cm but i didnt feel anything yet so he hoped it would kick little angel is coming 2, how time flies.They kind of give you a nudge more than a push!Although we also had a bit of sex that night to see if it worked (my hubby thinks he is great) because less than an hour later i went into labour.My daughter is due this Tuesday 27/1/09 and my 40 week appointment falls on her due date.Any info would be greatly appreciated as I have my hoped pinned on this Tuesdays appointment!Hi Ladies, I just wondered how many of you at the midwifes had received a membrane sweep?You could ask for expectant management instead which is monitoring and more scans?Had it on the Friday and waters went on Sunday night but inbetween I did a lot of bouncing on the ball, long walks and sex, which all also help.I think my other half has worn out of worry and panic now as its been happening for so long, everyone says oh thats ok you wont be much longer now if your having those, Yer ok, this is number five now and I have.I am hoping that upon sweeping this may just tilt me over the edge and finally give her the fuel she needs to get going properly, I dont think I can still be here by the week after next, i will be suicidal by then.Why are they planning on inducing you on 20th?Has this been a good success rate for all of you or is it true they come out when they like, which for me will probably be in the middle of the night when pure panic will ensue with getting other babies looked after!You don't have to accept an induction, especially if it's not for medical reasons (just being overdue isn't a medical reason).Good luck and dont worry this will all be a distant memory very soon.Well as you can maybe tell it differs from one pregnancy to the next.The midwife has stated that she can sweep me if i wanted to be and that its just a matter of waiting after that really.As the others have said, they really only work if everything is gearing up for labour anyhow.Ive had one at 402 and have another booked in for this Wednesday at 41 1 and am hoping and praying it has the desired effect.
Anyways, I am only 2cm dilated (I was checked by a lady that has really small hands, she was able to pretty much feel baby s head when she stuck her fingers.) But 2cm, 50 effaced and -2 station.