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Customizable coververy similar to Erin Condren, I can get my name on the front.
At any given time there would probably be 5 notebooks around.
If you want to order something from Erin Condren (a planner, a calendar, accessories, whatever) use this link to create your account and youll get an e-mail with a coupon code for 10 off your first order.
The pens are apparently very similar to Sharpies (one of my absolute favorite writing instrument in the world) but dont bleed through the page.Thats kind of an odd stop date, but Plum Paper gives you the option of adding up to 6 extra months at 2 per month.Plum Papers monthly bill sheet is a lot more open to your personal customization, is bound into your planner, and is 2 for 12 months (I paid 3 because I ordered a 13-18 month planner).Im an extreme night owl.The planners currently for sale are January 2015 December 2015.This was the biggest issue for.I couldnt justify spending that amount of money on a planner that I could only use for ten-and-a-half months (or less) and that had a layout I would have to spend time altering.The layout of the days in the weekly view.So the system Ive adopted in the past couple of years is to have different notebooks for different things.So, It took me 3 weeks to decide how I wanted to customize.Apparently the cover is thick card stock, and its has a clear protective plastic page in front.If Im paying for a 12 month planner, I want to use it for 12 whole months!I ordered this grey chevron cover for my plannerexcept instant free cash online mine will say ashlen instead of michelle.So, I went on the search for a customizable planner and my friend.I can just see this planner being completely blank along the top, having some stuff in the middle, and be completely overflowing in the bottom section.Its a 12-month planner, but YOU choose the starting month.I ended six flags great adventure promo code september 2015 up paying about 64 for the 15-month Plum Paper planner, including taxes and shipping.Erin Condren includes stickers in the base price, whereas I payed 2 for 2 sheets in the Plum Paper planner.Heres what I liked about the Erin Condren Life Planners: Customization cover.