programming contest websites

Hackquest is an online challenge website which teaches how to hack to its users.
It has several online programming contests as well as challenges on Artificial Intelligence to test the user's programming skills for various programming languages.Availability of an online forum allows more than 100000 users registered to decide how to solve the problem.By becoming a member, not only do you get to improve your thinking/computing/coding skills, you also get to interact with other people who can share insightful answers and resolutions to your coding problems.Take a look at some examples.It is a global programming community which hosts online contests, training, and events for programmers from around the world.Both adults and students who have interests in programming and mathematics can try this site out.Here, you can find a lot of challenging stuff in various categories like algorithms, testing, design, etc and can participate in both daily, free baby samples and coupons and weekly coding challenges.There are also online contests on algorithms.The above" was taken from their official About page, in short it kind of is exactly what the about says, its a coding game that is focused on the gaming aspects of entertainment, and since all of us have our brains wired in different.Usaco, this website not only conducts various online contests, 6 to be precise but provides valuable online training resources through which programmers can polish their problem solving and programming skills.The usasco training Program matalan in store promo codes gateway is used for the latter purpose.
Code Forces In the initial revision of this post back in 2014, this particular website was somehow left out, but thanks to the nice community members in comments, weve now got an additional, and great, programming challenge site to add to our list.