run to win a prize

What did Paul encourage his brothers to do?
They used themselves to hardships.Jesus said that they took no note.8 It is as if we can see the finish line.If we love the entertainment of this world or want to have every new gadget, we could be so busy with these things that we do not have time for more important things.Hebrews 2:1; 3:12 ) If the clothing of a runner wraps around his legs, he usually falls.Clarifying misunderstandings stemming from his more detailed treatment.To attain the prize means to win the prize Entangle: Clothing that entangles a runner wraps around his legs and makes him fall.Of course, to have all these things does not mean that we have everything that we would like to have.In it, poo pourri promo code 2016 Schreiner argues that those passages of the Bible that say that if Christians continue in sin that they will face eternal judgement are important and meant to be taken as serious warnings for believers.(a) What did Paul use to encourage the Hebrew Christians?The race, or stadium in which they ran, was the space or interval between the place they set out from, and that which they ran unto, and consisted of 125 paces, or 625 feet; it was the space of a furlong, and about the eighth.We can continue running and attain the prize that our Father, Jehovah, promises.(b) What did Paul say that we must do?What can help us to run the race to the end?What might cause a Christian to lose his faith?There is the greatest encouragement, therefore, to persevere with all our strength, in this course.He said that we must put off the sin that easily entangles.He does not want us to finish the race.