solar panel rebate ends

Now, you could argue that all government subsidy and incentive schemes use other people's money!
Over 146,000 households and small businesses have installed small-scale renewable energy generators under the Scheme.
If you demand installers supply you with a new system before the end of the year they are going to lay down the law and charge you more money than they would otherwise. .I dont think many of them even intend to install systems before the end of the year. .You can think about what you want now efficiency vermont commercial rebates and get it installed early next year and I very much doubt you will be worse off than if you rush to get it done before New Years Day.And even if we pessimistically assume the price decrease will slow to only 5 a year, which is not something I think will happen, then with the solar rebate phase out we could still expect a small price decline of around 1 a year.The 25c feed in tariff will cease on December 31, 2016 and participants will then receive as little as 5c kW/hr.Just to be clear, no-one can pretend to know what the STC price will be next week or next year.In accordance with the original intention of the Parliament and set out in the.Unless a hell of a lot more people read this article than I expect, there will be plenty of people trying to get systems installed before New Years Day because theyve been conned by misleading advertising and think they will have to pay thousands extra.Its all over the internet. .Any advertised prices you see almost certainly have the rebate already applied).The price of STCs can and will fluctuate.