sweep in solidworks tutorial

Before going to start the solidworks tutorials, just go through Swept Boss or Base feature used in this cad software.
How to Create New Part File.Select the Center rectangle tool form the sketch tool manager and click on the line point and draw rectangle (take dimensions roughly).Thin Feature: Using the Thin feature in Swept boss or base property manager, you can create the hollow rectangular duct in this example.By default, it is 10 mm, is shown below.Sketch1 Click on the Exit Sketch button.Options : The options contain two main sections such as Orientation/twist type and Path alignment Type.First select the closed profile and then shows the path as you need to sweeps the profile through.If you are still have doubt, feel free to ask in the comment or contact form.If you use guide curves: Create the path first if you want to add pierce relations between the path and a sketch point on the profile.Step 4: Apply Solidworks Swept Boss or Base Feature Go to Featuremanager, first select the Sketch 4 from the Featuremanager design Tree.Click green free online product promotion tick button to create the model Note for Beginners: When you are using Sweep boss or base feature, the closed profile or its plane must touch to the path its follows.Select the thin feature and enter the thickness.Note : This is just tutorial showing how to use swept boss or base tool, not showing any product drawing or designing.I personally use the lofted boss Feature instead.You can use the Swept Cut tool for creating this type of hollow rectangular pipes.Click on the Green Tick Button international association of chimney sweeps in the Plane Property manager.Here, I uses 90 degree bend which is shown below.If you are advanced SolidWorks user please avoid.Line from the Sketch tools.Related SolidWorks Sketch Tools Tutorials:- SolidWorks Sweep boss using Other Methods Videos:- Sweep Boss/Base using Normal Constant Method Video Tutorial:- Sweep Boss/Base using 1st Guide Curve and Follow Path Method Video Tutorial:- Additional Info: Swept Property Manager Check on the Swept property manager and you.