the discount on bonds payable is

65873) and the present value of an annuity for the interest payment factor (3.
Discount on bonds payable is a contra account to that decreases the value of and subtracted from in difference discount medical uniforms scrubs between amount cash received liability called discount.A) On date of record B) It never becomes a liability because it is paid C) On date of declaration D) ON date of payment C) On date of declaration When do dividends increase stockholders equity?Redeeming bonds payable, bonds may be (1) paid at maturity, buy bird cages online india (2) called, or (3) purchased in the market and retired.Answered, in, accounts payable is a liability account that is increased by a credit and decreased by a debit.The carrying value on the bonds is 10,272 (10,000 bonds payable 272 premium on bonds payable) and we are paying cash of 10,300 which is more than the carrying value of the bonds. .Free Android Games and apps).Bonds may also be retired by being converted into stock.Accounting in the Headlines, fiat Chrysler Automobiles (.Each action is either a redemption of bonds or the extinguishment of debt.The same is true for loan repayments due to a bank.D) plus Premium on Bonds Payable.E) is a contra account to Bonds Payable.A) Contra liability; Debit, b) Contra liability; Credit, c) Adjusting amount; Credit.Carr pays cash of 10,300 to retire these bonds. .
10245) definition of discount on bonds payable the amount used as a reduction on a bond that is considered to offset a debit and a credit entry.
The mont blanc pen buy online india advantage of the effective rate method and the bond amortization schedule, is that the interest expense for the period reflects the book value of the bonds, in the case of a bonds issued at a premium, as the bond book value reduces towards the.