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In the quick summary feature, you have fast access to clients, the ability to drill down by clicking on the balance to display the underlying details, and a faster method of recording case notes or collection notes for a follow-up.
At last, a product that does what it's supposed to do!
PCLawPro Version 5, for those of you time-and-billing followers who may be thinking that I forgot the "Jr." at the end of the PCLaw name, never fear-the.
A Navigator section allows you to maneuver into several areas from one general command post.I have found it to be a successful solution to time-and-billing problems at my office.The program allows for flat fees, hourly rates, and contingent fees.Let's take a look at what has become my favorite program in the time-and-billing category: the time-tested program tabs III.Ah, but comes the dawn, and Version 10 makes up for the shortcomings!Software Technology, Inc., has been around since 1979, solar rebate nsw 2017 almost as long as many of us have been in practice, and with each iteration the program seems to get better cheap wall decor ideas for living room and better!Note: This KB article (including any software and related documentation) is provided "AS." Swiftpage disclaims all express or implied warranties of any kind with respect to the utility.The program makes it a breeze simply to write up or down fees or costs, and you can even track pre-bills and their status at any time.Purchase only the modules that you need for your practice and you will have true integration, all without going to a third-party vendor.Tracking your opportunities in Act!Timeslips has a comprehensive security system that allows you to restrict access to almost any of its areas.More powerful and flexible split-billing features allow you to split invoices among multiple billing parties and track accounts receivable separately.These three leaders are STI tabs III time and billing from Software Technology, Inc., of Lincoln, Nebraska; PCLawPro from Alumni Computer Group of Buffalo, New York; and, of course, the old standby Timeslips, from the Sage Corporation in Dallas, Texas.With Version 5, product enhancements abound.Likewise, if you make a mistake while billing to a particular account, an easy click makes it all better!Likewise, if you find that there are features in Timeslips that you don't need, with one click you can remove them; if your firm's needs later change, you can restore them just as easily.Tabs III has always had a straight-to-the-point approach to getting things done with time and billing, and Version 9 is no exception.Disclaimer: Swiftpage no longer develops or supports this integration.With the bank reconciliation module you can read your electronically downloaded file and then automatically match cleared items, an end-of-the-month time-saver!You also can adjust productivity figures that were changed in the reversal so that you have an accurate reflection of the situation.
As you might have guessed, this feature gives you the ability to utilize the Internet to enter time and expenses via the Timeslips E-Center, a web-based entry system.