uba contest 2015 results

73 discount code for hungry house DE PAT ON2AD ON4ALY ON4ALY iice contest AND good activity ON4ANE ON4ANE veel TE koud IN shack niettegenstaande verwarming ON4AST ON4AST yaesu FT-FT1000 W3DZZ FB-33 ON4CRD/P ON4GO ON4GO propa DE merde!
G8ZRE good contest search pounce.
Score 1 ON5UM LIR Operators Comments Call Operator(s) Comments 9A3B 9A1AA 9A4KJ working ON SDR LD-1A, external sound card creative labs, software WIN RAD antenna trival KUA-40 appx.De categorie base is enkel bedoeld voor Single Operator ON3-stations met een operator met een basisvergunning.YO4GNJ RIG icom IC 730 YO4US TS850S-AT, 65 W YO8THG RIG: TS830S YO9KXC RIG: FT 897D YO9RAO RIG: TS 450S YO9XC RIG: TS2000X YP9W YO9WF YT1O NOT know WHY station OT4GR sent ME control AS XX!Sunday morning very slow, BUT IT picked UP later AS 20M AND 15M opened.UA6HHE thank FOR YOU contest!MY radio icom /200 - antenne longwire with turner CG 3000 AND only.DK3CW nice contest under good condx.Thank YOU very much TO ALL.Score 1 ON6BR OSB ON4MCL MCL ON4CRD/P CRD Category.If additional info is needed, you will be notified shortly.Score 1 ON6HZ MCL ON4CQ BDX ON2AD NLB ON4ANE TRA Category base.LX9EG LX1NO LY1DJ juozas dargis LZ2JA LZ2JA RIG: INT: 7-EL yagi LZ2KSB LZ2-005,LZ3FN LZ3ZQ 73!GL LZ5R LZ1UK, LZ4UU LZ6C LZ2UW M0AUG using SD, AS usual.SEE YOU ALL IN CW LEG next month.DE condities waren matig EN OP 10 WAS niet veel TE horen.UA6LCG TNX 73 UR4PWC artemenko wasiliy, bilozerskyi ivan, koporulin daniil, ivanova mariana UR5WHT RIG: home made PWR: 50 ANT: GP UR5ZSU nikita borowsky US1I UX2IO US5MSJ antenna: GP, RIG: IC 718, PWR: 100 watt(S).A quand UN PEU dordre LA dedans!EA7IZJ HII please, remember MY scores TNX 73"3 EB3WH dear colleagues from THE UBA, this yeatarted THE contest with modulation problems with MY NEW flex 5000A transceiver AND then with THE PC, SAD TO END THE contest early without scoring TO overcome MY past year.
PA3HFJ MY first attendance TO this contest AND really enjoyed IT!