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Lille Racewear (on suppliers page) now has small fireproof socks in stock, please" nmsc when ordering 6 February 2015 Your committee are holding a meeting on the, if any registered teams wish to ask a question, please email your details to David by, for.
It should be noted that the rules on driving styles will be applied to prevent the series becoming aggressive 22 November 2015 The club is uber app promo code delhi in the process of finalising next years fixtures and would like to confirm a sponsor for each meeting.
As I'm sure you understand this is an F1 meeting and priority must go to that formula and with an increased number of cars there simply isn't sufficient pit space.
Awards Night pier one discount coupon codes - Saturday 12th December The Sportsman, Long Eaton Doors Open.15pm Presentations start.00pm sharp Disco till.00am Ticket Only 2016 AGM Sunday 6th December.00am Sportsman Pub, 1 Granville Ave, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4HA Please note that only current registered drivers/teams.On Sunday we are at Buxton, meeting sponsored by Sheaf Skips #101 110 418.28 February 2016 important!Ladies Race - "despite every effort the Ladies Race is cancelled on Sunday due to lack of support" The nmsc have organised a discount code if booking the Village Hotel for the Presentation Awards on 4th February 2017 - Please use code: PRO.Get Body Happy, this isn't just about what's on the outside, but when your feeling confident and body happy - you'll feel great inside too.Weighing officers to be Sam Serpell and Joe Bamford.Awards Night If you are planning on attending, can you please return your order form asap, Gala Night is the last chance to do it in person, as a club we must confirm final numbers and pay balance by 16th December, after which date it will be too.The Interview was put on air last night, please find the link below (the interview is at 40 mins) /Ovaltalk m Dont forget to get your licence applications in the post 1 February 2016 Rulebook correction - Page 23 Championship and Annual Trophies Northern, Whites.Please contact any committee member with points to be added to the Agenda by Sunday evening.If more than six months have passed, you have to prove the defect was there at the time of delivery.It is not the responsibility of the scrutineer to come looking for you, if you are not present, your car will NOT be scrutineered.Goods must: be fit for a particular purpose.Jessica Smith (391) Jessica had a mixed season in 2014, she excelled on shale where she had a string of four straight final wins, but she suffered some hard hits and bad luck towards the end of the season.This needs to be booked and completed prior to racing and takes around 2 hours to complete.Any positions will not be credited and normal novice rules will apply during this time.This applies to any driver not having a fully working non return valve fitted and/or it being tampered with in any way.See David if you can help in any way.27 online target coupon codes November 20 We are looking for possibly 2 cars to go on static display at the NEC in January.