whistling contest 2016

Amazingly, neither Lillian nor Allen whistles!
Male Category (Classical and Popular) 1st Place - Romu Aoyagi / Tokyo, Japan (grand champion).Dear Whistlers, Deadline The Entry of The World Whistlers Convention 2018 (WWC2018) Recorded Audition will be closed on October the 31st, 2017.Its a cool sound.Contestants have up to four minutes to perform a popular piece before a live audience and panel of judges and up to six minutes for a classical piece.(9:00pm November 1st JST).Not too long before that day I whistled at Chief of Staff Andy Cards birthday party.I stood next to the presidents desk; he put his feet up, leaned back, and asked me to whistle a few tunes for him.The titles is Recorded Sample Cleared.Uploaded Judges and FAQ.I say congratulations because you have been chosen fitbit discount code 2016 by the Universe to be gifted with something special.I had an awesome weekend at the Masters Of Whistling!