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Their voices sound so much better and they discount knotts berry farm tickets seem to be so much more confident on stage than they used to be in 2014 when I first saw them.
The feeling you have when you're so close to them and there aren't that many people and you just get to look at them and hear them talking about so many things is just unbelievable!IF YOU have THE chance TO GO TO A 5SOS soundcheck, DO IT!It was the third time seeing them and definitely the best.Crashing the ticketing website within seconds, and selling it out only seconds after that, it seems that there will be no chance to get tickets.What about the prospect of an album or EP?Read more, report as inappropriate.Who would be a band that you would want to collaborate with in the near future?Having announced a handful of intimate dates.So youve just announced two intimate dates in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne; can we expect any more concert announcements soon?Stated Ashton, taking over from bassist and vocalist Calum.I thought it would be just amazing and personal.(For example, "What does happiness mean to you?" - they said a lot to this question though.).5 Seconds of Summer are a band hailing from Sydneys West and having only been together for around several months, they have managed to summon a loyal fan base, consisting of over 40,000.Next 2 You by Chris Brown Justin Bieber.You guys record covers of a stack of bands from different styles and genres, but havent done too much of your own material; can we expect some originals coming soon?My personal highlight of the concert was to hear Jet Black Heart live because that's my favorite song by 5sos.Fast forward eighteen months and, having spent 2013 selling out shows across the world, the band recently signed an international deal with Capitol Records to release this single and their hotly anticipated forthcoming album.We cover a mix of our favourite songs and bands that are a major influence on our original music and we also cover music that is popular, but at the same time putting the 5 Seconds of Summer spin on them.Now, those numbers have skyrocketed, with over 60 million views on,.2 million fans on Facebook, a combined 12 million Twitter followers and more than.6 million followers on Instagram.We also love heaps of Aussie bands and would really love to work with Tonight Alive.Like, share and comment on the link to this interview on the Facebook page.