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But good luck trying to get it to work with a corporate Office 365 account if you're using it on a tablet associated to a personal Microsoft account.
Stay up to date on the industry with the.Windows is also offered for free to makers of small-screen devices, though Microsofts definition there limits the no-cost version of Windows to machines smaller than nine inches.These apps are intended to provide a touch-friendlier functional bridge between the browser-based Microsoft Offline Online web apps and the full featured Office 365 components.Based on our research, we are classifying anything with a screen size.1 inches or less as a true mobile device: Youre probably easy craft giveaway using it on the go, when its not practical to use a larger computing device such as a PC.Even though you think you've activated Office Mobile on your tablet PC, you haven't, and thus, you can't use any of its editing controls.However, all is not what it seems here.But my colleague Woody Leonhard didn't get that error when he did the same thing on his Surface Pro.).In the past, Microsoft and its partners have offered a free year of Office 365 on some small-screen devices.Customizing Excel pivot table layouts and viewing PowerPoint speaker notes while presenting are also tied to an Office 365 subscription.(By best buy employee discount on laptops contrast, the iOS and Android versions provide limited editing if you don't have a subscription.) When sweep in solidworks tutorial you launch any of these apps on your tablet PC, they check to see if you have such a license.System requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP or any PC-based Linux (32 or 64 bits).It does not apply to desktop versions of Office such as Office 2013 and the forthcoming Office 2016.).
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However, when I tried to use the same apps to edit a Word document on a Asus tablet with.1 inch display, I was greeted with the pop-up window you see here below, advising me that I need an Office 365 subscription to edit.